Please see below a brief CV of my experience as a musician. I am always happy to consider gig and session work.

I have been playing music since the age of about 14. Primarily self taught, I have embraced many different genres of music and over approximately 30 years have played everything from heavy rock to jazz, early music, reggae, traditional folk and world music on numerous instruments

My core skills are percussion (djembe, congas, darabouka, bodhran), rhythm bouzouki and more recently English/Flemish bagpipes and electric bagpipes. Other instruments include guitar, bass, octave mandola, lute, gittern and lap harp. See further below info on percussion and bagpipe tuition.

Previous bands/recording collaborations include Tangle Brothers, Belerion, Silver Ghost Band, Supa Reuben's Allstars, Geoff Hills, Al Jones, Snaketown.

While musical versatility and adaptability are also strengths that have been learnt by years of 'paying dues', I am what's loosely termed 'a folky' at heart and my solo compositions and personal style of playing reflect and draw upon traditional music from East to Western Europe and show influences of all the other genres mentioned above.

Original multi-instrumental music featuring bouzouki and border pipes, also including hummelchen, guitars, acoustic bass, violin, hurdy gurdy, keyboards, various percussion and voice. Currently available on CD or as downloads.

'3 Tunes' EP released May 2011.

'A Toad in the Hand' Album released September 2012 on GPJ Records. 12 tracks, 51 minutes.

Reviews:- -- George's style is nigh on unique with an emphasis on rhythm ... 'A Toad in the Hand' speeds by and is always entertaining. -- 'A Toad in the Hand' is absorbing, intriguing and stunningly captivating ... a Tubular Bells concept for folk music? -- 'A Toad in the Hand' is a fine showcase of George Stevens' virtuosity as both composer and instrumentalist.

Track List:
  1. Age of Empires (Remix)
  2. Lament for the Lost
  3. Two Camels
  4. Polesworth Abbey (Remix)
  5. Grasshopper's Lament
  6. Gallows Birds
  7. Flint & Steel
  8. Sasha's Wedding
  9. Mayfly
  10. Shadows and Dust
    Bonus Tracks:
    Four Tree Hillock (Tribal Version)
    The Ryton Ruse (Club Mix)
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Under the name Stevens' Racket I have been performing live sets of original music over recent years with various line-ups of musicians, such as the one pictured below with Christine Adams on violin/accordian and Dean Tainio on guitar; and organised several concerts of alternative acoustic music under the name of 'Lazy Jack Presents'.

Please get in touch for info on this and you can also visit, and for further music examples.

My Facebook page shows regular updates of music and luthiery activities.


I was recently asked to compose a collection of original compositions/arrangements for bagpipes, by publishers, M.U.M Ltd which will shortly be available from them (new year 2016). The collection was mainly composed on the electric bagpipes that you see me playing in the picture above but the majority of the tunes can be played on Border/Flemish pipes also. The music itself being inspired for the most part by the traditional dance styles of central France.


Over the years I have given talks/lecture demonstrations on the history of instruments/music and instrument making at locations as diverse as re-enactment events, the University of London and schools, with presentations made suitable for the particular type of group to whom I?m speaking.

For example, at a local primary school, in conjunction with their curriculum focus on the Tudors, the children were all asked by their teacher to write subsequent thank you notes to me and I was astounded by how much they had taken in and remembered. If you are from a school interested in hiring me for such a presentation, please get in touch, I am happy to provide a letter of reference.


I've been drumming most of my life and can offer one-one or group tuition for small groups of 6 or 7 on hand percussion such djembes, congas, darabouka and bodhran. Beginners or more advanced.

Bagpipe tuition for beginners is available using my set of fully electric pipes and indeed I believe I am the only person in Kent who can offer this. The bag has to be squeezed and the chanter played just like any other bagpipe but on these the technique is easier to get to grips with; and you can control the volume!


Oak chopping boards handmade by me available now at