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Cases are available on request and prices will vary according to instrument.

LAP HARPS - from £275
19 string version

The perfect harp for adult and child beginners.

  • Nylon strings tuned diatonically in c major from g below middle c through two and a half octaves to d at the top.
  • Can be retuned to different keys.
  • Height: 70cm/27inches approximately.
  • Hardwood frame (wood type may vary), very lightweight, yet strong soundbox in softwood and birch laminate and the whole having an oil finish.
  • Weighs only 1.25 kg / 3lbs approximately.
  • Supplied with tuning key.
  • Please contact me for details of cases which are extra.
23 string version
  • Very similar to the above19 string harp but slightly larger.
  • Tuned from the c below middle c in the bass.
  • Height: 81cm / 32inches approximately.
  • Weight: 2.5kg / 5-6lbs approximately.
23 string version with levers

Levers on c & f strings to enable quick key changes to g & d major.


19 gut strings, tuned from f below middle c in the bass.
Hollowed out soundbox - £1350
Half square section soundbox (flat back, curving front)- £1250
Height: 87cm (in playing position)

22 gut strings
Hollowed out soundbox - £1550
Half square section soundbox (flat back, curving front) - £1450
LYRE - £price on application

Classical lyre based on a 16th century carving from Haddon Hall, Derbyshire

Can be made with 5-8 strings and strung in nylon, gut or metal.

A pentatonic tuning is quite suitable.