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Gluing a black line in between lute ribs_preview.jpeg

 A good finish is never quick. Particular attention is paid to the final wood surface before and then several layers will be applied. I have to say that I tend to favour oil finishes these days, generally, but varnish finishes are also available eg. for lute and guitar bodies. Harps are given wax top layers. When you order an instrument I will discuss the choice of woods and finishes at the outset to ensure you get what you want as well as what is right for the instrument in my opinion


I usually make my own pegs. This enables me to be in control of the whole process and I therefore know exactly how long the peg billets have been seasoned before final shaping -- very important! Pegs will usually be made from one of the following examples: plum, pear, holly, hornbeam, laburnum and are made to my own shape, either simple or more decorative with collars and/or pips. They are proven to be comfortable and effective; numerous examples can be seen throughout my webpages and here below.