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My instruments are enjoyed by amateur and professional musicians around the world. Using only the best quality materials, all instruments are made to the highest standards of construction and finishing with particular attention devoted to set-up, playability and bespoke requirements.

Recreating early instruments involves a great deal of background research work and I have learned after years of experience that actually this is never ending. I have to make instruments from a historical context that suit today’s players and I also want there to be something of ‘me’ in them; it is not all about copying originals to the millimetre, particularly if you are making a bespoke instrument to suit a particular person – and in some cases we have few or no originals, only written references and pictures and there are often ifs, buts and maybes, very few things are set-in-stone. I am always open to the suggestion of new designs or projects so please get in touch if you have any questions. Above are some examples of my previous work and on these pages, where relevant, you will find basic price guides. Please email me for a more detailed price list.