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Around the 12th - 14th centuries small gut strung harps also appear with regularity in European musical iconography - and with similar form in some ways to the wire strung clarsachs. However, a more delicate construction and narrower soundbox are characteristic but with overall shorter scaling than the slender gothic harps. There are no surviving originals but contemporary iconography provides numerous examples upon which to base designs. My usual tuning is diatonic, with the strings being held in place in the soundbox by small pegs, bray pins are not characteristic.

19 Strings f - c''' 87cm From £2,400
22 Strings c - c''' 100cm From £2,700

Notation: C''' - C'' - C' - c - c' - c'' - c'''
c' = middle c

Gut strings. My design features various curving surfaces and a hollowed out soundbox whose size and shape can be made to suit : square, curving top etc.

Lap harps

Available in two sizes, these are a hybrid of my own design with respect to some of the different types of small historical harps mentioned above, yet using high quality birch ply for the soundboxes, straight line hardwood frame and nylon strings. This results in a very lightweight, yet strong and sonorous harp, which is very reasonably priced for a handmade instrument. The soundbox design enables the harps to be free standing, the quality of sound and portability has proved popular with beginners and seasoned performers alike. The strings are knotted inside the soundbox which has access holes on the back.

19 Strings From £275
23 Strings From £350
23 Strings (Partially Levered) From £500

Notation: C''' - C'' - C' - c - c' - c'' - c'''
c' = middle c

19 and 23 string lap harps._preview.jpeg

19 String

Nylon strings tuned diatonically in c major from g below middle c' through two and a half octaves to d at the top. Can be re-tuned to different keys. Height: 70cm/27inches approximately. Hardwood frame (species may vary), very lightweight, yet strong soundbox in softwood and birch laminate and the whole having an oil finish. Weighs only 1.25 kg / 3lbs approximately. Supplied with tuning key, like all my harps. Cases available and sold separately, please contact me.

23 String

Very similar to the above 19 string harp but slightly larger and consequently with a reinforced T section pillar. Tuned from the c below middle c’ in the bass.

 Height: 81cm / 32inches approximately.
Weight: 2.5kg / 5-6lbs approximately.


 Sound sample

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