Choose And Entrust An Experienced Early Guitar Maker

The formation and development of stringed instruments has a clouded mixture of studies and opinions. It was thought that guitars emanated from the lute directly, but studies in the 60s suggested they were separate in their evolution.

Early guitars from the Renaissance period and even further back are sought after for their ornate designs, beautiful sound and, of course, playability.

Alongside the professional luthiery work of George Stevens, you can have a period guitar made for your specific requirements. As an early guitar maker, he is able to take on board your inspiration and ideas and translate it into an instrument that is ready for use.

Why choose an early guitar maker to replicate your favourite instrument?

The construction of a guitar takes years of training and experience. George Stevens Luthier has gained and gathered many years work producing bespoke lutes, gitterns, guitars and more.

This stands him in the best position to create a guitar that is the right size, captures the right time period and will offer the most accurate depiction of the sound of that era.

George Stevens has a vast portfolio of previous work that displays why he has a reputation as a leading early guitar maker in the UK.

To begin the process towards playing your very own period guitar, make sure you get in contact with George Stevens today.

George Stevens