Find Bespoke Renaissance Musical Instruments Made For You

The Renaissance era represented a shift in the way music was consumed and distributed. With the printing press in its formative stages, musical sheets could be created, shared and enjoyed more freely.

Musicians were influenced by this period, too, which centred around Ancient Roman and Greek literature, something that could be displayed through Renaissance musical instruments – of which there were many types.

Alongside George Stevens Luthier, you can watch as a bespoke Renaissance musical instrument is created for you. If you are a looking to emulate those musicians of the Renaissance era, there are plenty of stylistic routes that you can choose to go down.

What are some of the most popular musical instruments from the Renaissance era?

In terms of the stringed instruments which were popular in this period, you can find lyres, Irish or gothic harps, gitterns, variations of lutes and much more.

All of these – and many more – can be produced to your bespoke requirements by George Stevens Luthier.

Your measurements, preferences and ideas will be combined with his expertise in creating replicas of Renaissance musical instruments over a number of years. The finished product is certain to be something that looks great and plays beautifully.

The process of creating a gorgeous period piece such as this will be exciting. You can watch as high-quality wood is transformed into a musical instrument that can produce the perfect sound.

If you would like to get started with George Stevens Luthier, speak with him today.