Finding The Right Medieval Harp Maker

Ireland’s national instrument does not need an introduction. The harp is a symbol of national identity, the country’s heritage, and you will struggle to walk along a Dublin street without seeing insignias with the harp on it or someone playing one. As a medieval development in the instrument world, they are held in the highest esteem by historians, musicians and passionate harpists.

With his expertise as a medieval harp maker, George Stevens can begin to forge a design that suits your needs, budget and the time period you are searching for. Specialising in medieval, renaissance and baroque periods, his work is forged through creating handmade instruments using a variety of methods to create a harp that looks and sounds perfect.

Why choose a medieval harp maker to realise your project?

George Stevens Luthier has worked for many years to research, produce, replicate, create and repair medieval harps in various styles; and receives commissions from clients worldwide. From gothic and clarsach through to gut and nylon string styles, you will find an experienced luthier with an abundance of knowledge in coping with the demands of diverse time periods, types of wood, budgets and more.

To begin your journey from an idea in your head to the finished product created by hand, make sure you choose a medieval harp maker like George Stevens. To speak with him and to discuss all the miniscule additions and ideas you have for your medieval harp, get in contact today.

George Stevens