Three Important Considerations A Lute Maker Must Take

Handcrafted, finished and designed to complement a particular age in time, an instrument made in the traditional way is something special. To go from your imagination and your dreams of buying a new instrument through to the creation and delivery of it will be a process that is worth the wait. With George Stevens Luthier, you can work in synergy to purchase a range of instruments that are made by hand, to a vast array of bespoke needs and with a variety of woods.

As a professional lute maker in the UK, George Stevens has developed a reputation for producing lutes that span a number of periods from Medieval Ages through to the 18th century. Each lute that is produced in his workshop will coincide with a number of considerations. Here are three considerations he makes to staple his reputation as a leading lute maker in the UK:

  • Functionality: A key consideration for any lute maker is that it functions correctly and as desired by the eventual player. George Stevens will typically work to combine six to eight different woods to aid and support the balance and functionality of the instrument.

  • Aesthetics: When investing in something as special and unique as a lute, you will want something that looks the part. A professional lute maker such as George Stevens is able to combine assured functionality with a design and an aesthetic that is visually pleasing.

  • Bespoke creation: Playing a lute is a passion for many people and especially those who are searching for a handcrafted and finished lute. Each aspect of the lute can be adjusted and changed to befit the dimensions of each individual when you choose George Stevens.

If you would like to understand more about the process from design to completion, speak with George Stevens today.

George Stevens