Invest In The Beauty And Personality Of A Bespoke Irish Harp

Throughout George Stevens’ work as a luthier he has written a dissertation titled ‘The Irish Harp, its History, Players & Techniques’ and published a book called ‘The History of The Irish Harp’. More than simply a passion, he has helped to craft, tailor and deliver bespoke Irish harps for players and musicians across the world. The tiny details and elements that make up any harp built and crafted from scratch means that no two harps are exactly the same.

When choosing George Stevens Luthier to create your Irish harp you will want to know what makes the service so special. Aside from understanding what it takes to turn the historical relevance, musical importance and the highest quality materials into a working instrument, an Irish harp created bespoke by George Stevens will feature its own unique elements depending on your playing style or specific requirements.

Why choose George Stevens Luthier for your investment in a bespoke Irish harp?

Made-to-commission pieces like an Irish harp – or the wide range of period instruments created in his workshop such as lutes, guitars, gitterns and more – require a consultation to understand the options available for each individual player. Whether you are an amateur or professional player or you are just passionate about Irish harps, George Stevens will help to quell any concerns you have throughout the creation of your instrument.

To discover more about the process, the materials used and previous work by George Stevens, speak with him today.

George Stevens