Find A Professional Medieval Harp Maker For Your Next Early Instrument

The evidence of how medieval harps look exists from literature, paintings and surviving pieces. This concoction has steadily allowed the shape, style and make-up of medieval harps to become understood and replicated using traditional materials and manufacture styles.

We now understand the wide variety of harps that were created and the different sounds they were capable of making dependant on the creation process, materials and type of string used.

To manufacture a bespoke medieval harp to the needs of worldwide customers takes many years of effort.

Not only can George Stevens Luthier boast many years of research into the origins, shape, materials and more of harps, but combines this with workshop practice accumulated throughout his career.

Trust a professional medieval harp maker to craft something unique for you

Early music aficionados, fans and passionate harpists visit George Stevens to establish their idea. As a passionate harp maker - among many other early instruments - you will be guided through each stage with confidence.

From the consultation about your harp, the sizing requirements and the style you wish to achieve through to the committed hours in the workshop, you will be informed at every step.

Whether you are looking for a medieval harp in the gothic style, Clarsach or a bespoke style, you will find the tailored solutions and creations alongside the help of George Stevens.

As an esteemed harp maker based in the UK, your early instrument dreams are closer than ever to being realised with George Stevens Luthier.

Discover more about the process by speaking with George today.

George Stevens