Find An Early Instrument Luthier To Guide Your Musical Project

Luthiery is the highly skilled process of creating stringed instruments. This method is trusted to produce stunning, tailored and period instruments suited to the needs of each individual.

The personal nature of early instrument luthiery ensures that the results are always awe-inspiring.

With the help of George Stevens Luthieran experienced early instrument luthier – you can turn your ideas of a new instrument into reality.

Through his astute design process and workshop knowledge, you can watch as high quality wood is moulded to create an instrument that sounds great, looks wonderful and can take pride of place in your studio.

What types of instrument can George Stevens create bespoke?

Trusted by amateur and professional musicians alike, the personable approach to each creation sets George Stevens work apart from the rest.

Medieval and early instruments that can be crafted to your requirements with George Stevens Luthier include harps, lutes, gitterns, guitars and a wide range of other instruments.

Each instrument will be manufactured by hand using a concoction of specially selected wood. Traditional methods will be combined with more modern techniques to ensure that the sizing, feel and sound of the instrument is just right.

As a bespoke early instrument luthier based in the UK, George Stevens can craft something to your precise requirements and specifications.

If you would like to begin the process and understand the importance of these period instruments under the tutelage of George Stevens, speak with him today.

George Stevens