Where Can You Buy A Bespoke Wire Strung Harp

Early versions of wire strung harps date back to the 14th century. Usually made of brass or other metals, the strings of a wire strung harp offer a bell-like sound – a unique tell-tale sign of the clarsach harp.

Also known as the Irish, Gaelic, Celtic or Scottish harp depending on where you read and research, the unique shape and characteristics of them ensure they create a sound like no other harp.

By choosing George Stevens Luthier, you can watch as a wire strung harp is created to your bespoke specifications. Whether you wish to play it musically or to accompany poetry as was tradition, you will want a design that looks great and plays with ease.

Why choose George Stevens Luthier?

Passionate about early instruments and an experienced luthier, George Stevens has the capabilities to turn your ideas and dreams into a working instrument packed full of character.

Basing his wire strung harps on early models from Ireland and Scotland, the unique blend of traditional methods and ideas are combined with bespoke string spacing to ensure a comfortable fit.

This string spacing spans the portfolio of wire strung harps created by George Stevens from his workshop in Kent. From 19 and 22-string clarsach to Queen Mary style harps with 29 strings, there is something to befit your early instrument and harp desires.

To get to know the process, the range of options open to you and the pricing for a wire strung harp from George Stevens, get in contact with him today.

George Stevens