The Creation Of Medieval Musical Instruments

High quality manufacturing and construction is needed to produce some of the smallest and biggest projects in the world. When those elements need to be mixed with knowledge, expertise and historical background, you will find the world of incredible intricacy and medieval musical instruments.

With George Stevens Luthier you can discover the potential of one man and his skills as a luthier. Creating medieval musical instruments to your bespoke requirements is one element of his work that ensures he stands out.

From gothic harps and medieval lutes, gitterns and guitars through to specific carvings and tailored sizes, your musical instrument will be created by an expert in his field.

The process of making a medieval musical instrument

  • Consultation: A commissioned medieval musical instrument will be a big investment. Consultation will help to combine your ideas and needs with the expertise of an individual experienced in manufacturing instruments from scratch. This knowledge will help to ensure that every consultation explains every element to come.

  • Quotation: You will then receive a quotation for the piece which will be made to an agreed price. This will require a 25% deposit to ensure the project goes ahead.

  • Creation: George Stevens will then work to manufacture your medieval musical instrument from scratch so that it incorporates every little element you requested.

To discover more about this process with George Stevens, get in contact with him today.

George Stevens