How To Secure A Bespoke 15th Century Style Bray Harps

When a passion for musical instruments, their history and their importance to cultures combine, the results are astonishing.

George Stevens Luthier is the destination for you if you are seeking to replicate instruments of various ages and styles. Alongside a professional luthier, you can see your ideas transform into a fully functional, historical accurate and bespoke instrument.

Through the portfolio of work he has amassed, George Stevens has helped to create gothic and renaissance harps, lutes, gitterns, guitars and much more.

Visualising the process from start to finish is something that can help you see the minute details and elements that make up the creation of a musical instrument.

How George Stevens produced two 15th century style bray or gothic harps

On his Facebook page, which you can find here, George Stevens showed pictures of the bray harps in his workshop whilst they were being created.

This process starts from his experience and his studies of historical and medieval musical instruments; ensuring a solid framework for all his pieces.

When it comes to manufacturing a 15th century bray harp – also known as a renaissance harp - from scratch, it takes skill, attention to detail and patience.

The two gothic style harps were created using hollowed sycamore – a wood that provides a durable yet antique feel to the whole instrument. Combined with 22 gut strings, they replicate bray harps of that era from every angle and to each little detail.  

This process could be used to create something special suited to your size and preferences. Get in contact with George Stevens for a quote and consultation.

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